Friday, January 1, 2010

Walking with my Sister!---

Wow, so long 2009.  A year of changes for me.  I lost a lot of weight walked the 3day and have a new motivation to be an athlete again. The biggest change in my life was the addition of friends from the Breast Cancer 3day.  I met incredible ladies who joined the same team.  Now our team was quite large, so for a group of 5 ladies to unite and get so close was amazing all the same.  I promised in my blog I would introduce you to my friends who will walk with me in 2010.  This weeks adventure is about my Sole Sister Yvonne.

After the walk, I was concerned and confused as to what to do next.  I had an idea to walk in 2010, but I didn't understand how to stay in shape.  Nor did I think I had that person in my life who would encourage, support, and be by my side along the way. To not judge, just listen and help.  A month after the walk, I started walking again with Yvonne.  We walked typically 3 mile clips.  It was still warm, though fall was setting in.  We talked often, and got ready for the Race For the Cure in October.  She provided me accountability, as if I didn't feel like walking, I had to explain to her why. I know it is silly, but sometimes you need that person to say. "WHY aren't you walking today?"

Yvonne is an amazing woman, with a story all her own.  She knows the fear of a cancer diagnosis. She is a survivor of cancer herself.  She walks and fights so other women do not have to face that fear. They will not have to let their family know.  She is one of the strongest people I know.. Funny, I start talking about the "quiet" team member.  When she feels comfortable, she is as talkative as each of us.  However when she does talk, I listen intently, as she always has so much to say.

In my life I dreamed of having a sister. Someone I could count on to be there for me, to hold me back when I am being stupid, and to encourage me when I am trying to move mountains. I looked for that honest person that doesn't always agree with me, but is about to say their opinion, and why it matters.  Yvonne is apart of the Team Colorado Sole Patrol.  More then that, she fast became my friend.  The 3day provided me a reason to use my weight loss towards a good endeavor.  But, it also gave me my sister!

When you see her on route, please cheer her on! Her gentleman Michael will be cheering loudly along with her 3 boys.  Just like me, they see the strength that moves mountains in this amazing lady.  I proud to have her on my team, and to be a co-captain.  We'll be at a 24 hour fitness near you soon, working out and laughing loudly.

Thanks to the 3day for bringing me my team (family). I never knew I'd find friends who totally get me like these ladies do!

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