Thursday, July 8, 2010

Come ONE Come ALL--2nd Annual Pancakes for a Purpose!

2nd Annual
Pancakes For a Purpose

Benefitting Susan G. Komen For The Cure
$7.00 for All You Can Eat Pancakes
Sausage and a Beverage
Where-Applebee's 104th and I-25
When-July 10th 7:15a-9:15a

Please bring Cash or Check-The restaurant is only donating the location. We can't take credit or debit. However there is a gas station next to the restaurant with an ATM! :) 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


CAN you believe it?? *I* am an ambassador to the 3Day and a walk leader!! When I started to lose weight a couple years ago I was 525 pounds (or more, the scale only went to 525). I knew I had to lose weight, and started working to change.  In January of last year, I joined the 3Day. Hoping I could take a big goal to get in shape for, and I would make it happen. A year ago February I was 425 pounds, and I couldn't walk more then 100 yards without being so tired.  My back hurt, my legs hurt, and I just..... Felt weak.  I knew I needed  to make a difference in my life. What a difference a year makes to a person.  Because of the prodding of prior and current 3day walkers, they would not let me quit!! I walked the 3day last year with the help of my friends.  They supported me, they encouraged me, and they pushed me to continue.  While training I met my team mates, who just inspired me to do more.. They amaze me and I am truly lucky to know the ladies and gentleman of the Colorado Sole Patrol. 

The time after the 3Day has left me fighting to get back to walking this year.  After the Denver 3Day in August of 2009, in order to stay healthy, I decided to walk 5k's every now and again.  I walked the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  I stepped of a curb funny, and I hurt my knee.  I didn't go to the doctor for a few weeks and I limped my way a long.  I finally went to the Steadman/Hawkins clinic, and got my knee injury diagnosed.  Whew, no surgery, but physical therapy.  I worked hard on my knee with my Physical Therapist (Alice you ROCK).  I feel so much stronger, even stronger then when I walked the 3Day last year. 

I started to really ponder my injury in the last couple days.  I worried about my knee.  I worried about my ability to walk the 3Day this year. Much less both Tampa and Denver!! HOW CAN I.... Then you know..... I am not even close to in the pain I was, when I weighed 525 pounds.. I am not in the pain I was when I weighed 425 pounds. THIS journey has made me push myself to limits that I never thought I could reach.  I gave up once, I know my knee is stronger now then it was last year. I still feel a twinge every now and again.  Because of the physical therapy, I have the tools to make it happen this year again.  *I* WILL WALK 60 miles in Denver and *I* WILL WALK 60 miles in Tampa.  Why is this so important? 

To Me?
Know your risk factors--I have a family history of breast cancer.  Being overweight increases my odds of having breast cancer in my future.  *I* can not control my family history.  But, *I* CAN control my weight and I need to.  This is about my life--My future--My goals... I will prove to myself that *I* AM WORTH IT. I can and will be accountable today for the person I want to be tomorrow. I am walking my home town, to help the walk grow and take hold in this beautiful city.  I will walk Tampa because *I* owe hugs to some amazing Tampa walkers who friended this gal on facebook, simply because she posted her goal on her site.  These are the people who would not let me quit.  They encouraged me and made me realize the importance to finish what I started. 

To My Mom?
She is a long time survivor. She was diagnosed in 1991, and again in 1995. She gave her breasts to a terrible disease.  She did not lose her courage and her conviction to live to see her kids graduate university, and to watch her grand children grow up. Within me I have her courage and strength.  I will not quit until a cure is found! I will walk the 3Day until I can not physically use my two feel to walk.. I will raise money for this incredible cause until we find a world without breast cancer! 

To My Cousin Mary?
My cousin Mary in Michigan is so very strong. She has MS and lost her kidney in her past.  She fought off breast cancer once.  Now it has come back when she doesn't have a way to really fight. She can not take chemo, nor can she take radiation because of missing a kidney. She is taking a pill in hopes to hold off the effects.  I am not certain of the longterm prognosis.  This year.... *I* WALK FOR HER.. Because I know she can't.  I am proud of her courage and love in the midst of a fight for her life.  

My sole sisters and brothers from the Colorado Sole Patrol are walking because they have their own connection to breast cancer. They have their own stories to tell.  My co-walkers and myself need your support this year.  We are just beginning to train, and we need to each raise $2,300.  It isn't an easy road.  I know the economy has been tough.  If you can support me, or my teammates, please go to can click donate, and search by the team name Colorado Sole Patrol.

I could not have gotten as far as I have without the support of many people. From fellow 3Day walkers who inspire me everyday, encourage me and make me laugh.  To my co-workers who initially pushed me to do better for myself.  To my friends who constantly push me and ask me how I am doing.  To my family who is amazed everyday by the progress I am making.  Lastly to my Colorado Sole Patrol teammates who believe in this lady to create a team of people who come together to make a difference.  To have fun doing it. To encourage and support each other.  I have in this blog introduced you to myself, and my team mate Yvonne. In the next couple days, I will introduce you to another member of my team, and tell their story.  

Thank you for reading my reflection. *IT* IS TIME TO TRAIN TO WALK 60 MILES MY 3DAY BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Pull out your pink, pull out your training schedule! Get ready for the virtual training sessions!! I'll see you all in a park near me!! 

Shannon Davis

Friday, January 1, 2010

Walking with my Sister!---

Wow, so long 2009.  A year of changes for me.  I lost a lot of weight walked the 3day and have a new motivation to be an athlete again. The biggest change in my life was the addition of friends from the Breast Cancer 3day.  I met incredible ladies who joined the same team.  Now our team was quite large, so for a group of 5 ladies to unite and get so close was amazing all the same.  I promised in my blog I would introduce you to my friends who will walk with me in 2010.  This weeks adventure is about my Sole Sister Yvonne.

After the walk, I was concerned and confused as to what to do next.  I had an idea to walk in 2010, but I didn't understand how to stay in shape.  Nor did I think I had that person in my life who would encourage, support, and be by my side along the way. To not judge, just listen and help.  A month after the walk, I started walking again with Yvonne.  We walked typically 3 mile clips.  It was still warm, though fall was setting in.  We talked often, and got ready for the Race For the Cure in October.  She provided me accountability, as if I didn't feel like walking, I had to explain to her why. I know it is silly, but sometimes you need that person to say. "WHY aren't you walking today?"

Yvonne is an amazing woman, with a story all her own.  She knows the fear of a cancer diagnosis. She is a survivor of cancer herself.  She walks and fights so other women do not have to face that fear. They will not have to let their family know.  She is one of the strongest people I know.. Funny, I start talking about the "quiet" team member.  When she feels comfortable, she is as talkative as each of us.  However when she does talk, I listen intently, as she always has so much to say.

In my life I dreamed of having a sister. Someone I could count on to be there for me, to hold me back when I am being stupid, and to encourage me when I am trying to move mountains. I looked for that honest person that doesn't always agree with me, but is about to say their opinion, and why it matters.  Yvonne is apart of the Team Colorado Sole Patrol.  More then that, she fast became my friend.  The 3day provided me a reason to use my weight loss towards a good endeavor.  But, it also gave me my sister!

When you see her on route, please cheer her on! Her gentleman Michael will be cheering loudly along with her 3 boys.  Just like me, they see the strength that moves mountains in this amazing lady.  I proud to have her on my team, and to be a co-captain.  We'll be at a 24 hour fitness near you soon, working out and laughing loudly.

Thanks to the 3day for bringing me my team (family). I never knew I'd find friends who totally get me like these ladies do!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

About me--

February of 2008, I decided I needed to make a change in my life. I have a job where I am helping brokers become better brokers. Sort of like a senior broker who coaches the new reps. I love what I do. It is something that is just apart of my nature. I am very selfless, and I am willing to do anything to help someone in need. The job just fits me like a glove.

I had been working with a team of brokers for 2 years. I wasn't just an outsider looking in. I was apart of their team. I had hit the height of my weight. I had never been so big before in my life. My knee's hurt walking. My back hurt when I stood too long. Just standing in one place caused my heart to pound and I'd start to sweat. I knew I wasn't healthy. My focus was never on me.

One of the brokers on the team (James) who I had watched in two years become a star, took me aside in conversation. He asked me if I loved myself? I said, I really don't know what you are talking about. He said, your weight is dangerous. Do you love yourself? Because I want you to know, this team loves you, the manager loves you, God loves you and I love you. You are a wonderful person who has worked selflessly to help us improve. Do you love you?

At first I was very angry. HOW dare someone say something about my weight. I can't believe he said that too me. For two weeks, I was very angry at James. I couldn't believe he would say such a thing to me. He'd pass me by at work, and ask if he said to much. I'd say, no. He was fine. But, I was in pain. I couldn't believe someone could be so mean to me.

After a two weeks of really pushing him aside. I really started to think about what he said. The answer was, I didn't love myself. I didn't see what everyone else saw. A caring, loving person, who'd do anything to help another. I was disappointed in myself for not doing more for me. James wasn't the person who caused my pain. It was truly me. I was the "mean" person who constantly battled myself. I'd diet, but I'd always end up quitting. I had to figure out why I did the things I did. I had to make a choice at that moment. How can I be accountable to myself tomorrow, today?

It took me 2 months to get a bit of weight off so I could excercise. Then I started going to the gym and walking in the pool. I went from walking in the pool to running in the pool. From there, I started walking in the park. I was learning to eat right. Learning who I was, and who I wanted to be. I loved playing sports growing up. I loved being part of a team. I knew that I had let myself down. How much of my life have I missed by not being able to enjoy the FUN things.

It has been a year and seven months since I started my diet. Today, I hit down 190 pounds, and a loss of 16 inches!!!!! Over a foot of me is GONE.. I'm not proud of my accomplishments. I am not happy for having to do this. I am still angry at myself for letting myself down. But, I am resolved to doing better. *I* want to do better, and *I* am doing better. I want to Raft the Colorado again. I want to summit all of the 14,000 foot Mountains in Colorado. I want to water ski again. I want to river surf. I want to scuba dive every ocean. Lastly, I want to feel good enough to do it whenever I want.

I know I will forever have ramifications from being my highest weight.. (I will honestly tell you all how much I weighed when I get closer to my goal weight). I know that my Mom being a breast cancer survivor, and myself being a heavy gal puts me in a high probability of one day fighting breast cancer myself. Because of this, I am going to walk in MANY Breast Cancer 3 days. 2010 will be my second, I did my best in 2009 and did over half of the 60 miles. 2010 my goal is to do every step! 

I promise to myself, my friends, my family, my co-workers, and my poor gent who is going to have to put up with this, that I am going to walk the 3 day every year as long as my knee's hold up, and if they don't. I'll be wheeled around by those who have the stamina! I am not missing out on a goal, because I am scared anymore. Please cheer me on. The Denver 3 day is in August 2010.

I own my life now. James wasn't mean, he is one of the best friends a person can have. I am blessed to know him, and thankful that God gave him a voice to be honest to me. I owe him for the kick in the butt. I thank all my friends who have been with me these last few years, who have heard me ramble on about a diet, working out, what I can't eat, and what I am eating. By telling everyone, I convince myself that I am accountable to you all too.

Lastly, if you know anyone walking the 3day encourage them. Support them. If you can give $$ so they can meet their goals of raising money in the fight against breast cancer please do!  When I did the walk in 2009, I was pretty much alone. I was part of a team, but I didn't realize until the walk how close I would feel to some of the ladies.  For 2010 we formed an incredible team called Colorado Sole Patrol.  These ladies made such a huge difference in my life. For once I feel like I am not walking alone.  Not only do I have the best cheerleaders, but now I also have some of the most incredible people walking side by side with me. 

Again, thank you all for listening to me. I love myself today, and my life is changing because of the words of a friend. Remember it can be a simple sentence, a poem, a phrase, a quote, a picture, email, or a phone call. Please make a difference in the life of someone you love or care about today.